SAT Testing 101

SAT testing is necessary if you want to get into a college in the U.S. This of course is an additional part of this process, as you may need extracurricular activities, or teacher recommendations and a class rank; SAT testing is measured on a class ranking system, which is used to see what the students success rate is in college. The SAT will look at higher mathematics, critical reading, as well as writing skills. These elements are very important in having any success for college. The length of the test is about 3 hours and 35 minutes, and the scores are determined by these three sections.

The critical reading will involve long and short reading passengers, plus questions. It will then be followed by multiple choice section. The mathematics will include a multiple choice area, and a student driven response to questions which will cover operations and numbers, such as algebra I and II, geometry, functions, probability, statistics and some data analysis. The third is the writing section, this will be the essay part of the test, plus a section of multiple choice. It will also include a sentence and a paragraph development area, as well as identifying errors in the sentences.

The main section will be scored out of 200 to 800 marks. These marks come from Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Your total score will range between 600 to 2400. The Writing area, will have two sub scores, the markings will come from the multiple choice and the essay.

SAT testing, is generally recommend for students during the spring time of their junior year of school. The SAT testing can be done a number of times, and there will no penalty involved. When you are going for your PSAT, this test is generally offered in the month of October, and recommended for students who are in their junior or sophomore year.

SAT testing does have a fee, and it costs around $45.00US. There maybe additional fees, when you want a score report or certain questions answered. Signing up for the SAT is quite simple, all you need to is apply via your College Board, which will be the markers of the actual SAT.

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